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Sales are tough, trade partners are beating you down, employees are wearing multiple hats and haven’t seen raises in years.  Your product line is amazing yet you aren’t making the net income you desire.  Sound familiar?  Are you at the point where you need to redefine the way you look at your bottom line?

There is little magic involved when it comes to improving profits.   It takes a realistic look at how you get from proforma to the net income you intended to make.  There are so many variables that go into this realistic evaluation.  Is everyone on your internal team making the right decisions and communicating effectively across the company?  Are your current internal processes tracking your activity as it should?  Are your Trade Partners feeling the impact of weak internal processes?  Are schedules delayed due to poor communication?  All of these items and more affect your bottom line.  This evaluation process may challenge some within your organization.  Nevertheless; this is the critical step to take if you want to improve your bottom line.  Your net income will tell the story better than anyone.

Everyone enjoys the rise in prices when the market is solid yet no one enjoys the reduction in prices when the market is soft.  Unfortunately the home builder is usually the one who takes the biggest hit when the market fluctuates.  How do you keep ahead of all that is going on and maintain the profitability you deserve for the dedication you give to your company.

If you would like to redefine the way you look at net income I would encourage you to contact Sandy Pucciarelli of Premier Accounting Solutions LLC and let her review your evaluation process of net income.  

​If you are a member of a NAHB Builder 20 Group Sandy Pucciarelli has worked with builders completing annual reports for Builder 20 Group meetings and has designed lot profit evaluations using the Builder 20 guidelines.

​​​​​​Is your bottom line doing as well as your product line?

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